Shane Williams, former Wales’s player who now is a Television commentator since after retiring has said that Wales are under a lot of pressure considering that they would be meeting with Ireland soon.

He was quoted as saying that he had no much idea of what happened during the second half of the game between Scotland and Wales which saw Scotland frustrate Wales to come off victorious.

The former player fears that if Ireland decided to employ such tactics against Wales as they had done persistently against England, Wales would end the game frustrated and probably defeated as well.

Considering that the game is to be played in Cardiff, it even adds a lot more pressure to Wales. Williams noted that Wales had shown some positive signs during their game against England, one which he believes remains their best defensive game in two years.

However, going in against Scotland last Saturday, Wales had performed badly especially in the second half of the game and Jackman notes that they were roundly frustrated by their Scotland counterparts.

He also believes that with the way the Ireland Rugby team plays, Wales may once again end up being frustrated.

“Wales sent in one-in runners, looked quite lethargic at times, and had no direction with ball in hand. When they did break the gain line, they lost the ball in contact, and got very frustrated. So my worry is that is how Ireland play, they will frustrate Wales. They keep the ball very well,” he said.

He sees the upcoming game against Ireland as a massive one – which if Wales ends up being defeated, they would have so far lost two games in a row at home and three in the championship. In the world rankings, they would fall from the fifth position to the ninth – a situation that does not speak well for the team.