The Glasgow Warriors are preparing for their participation in the Six Nations games. However, Peter Horne as a back player is sidelined for some time as he is suffering from ankle injury. This could be for a period of 16 weeks, making his participation in the league games uncertain as of now. He and Rory Hughes make up a team and both of them are down with ankle and knee injuries respectively. The team was able to defeat the Pro 12 team at Munster, where both players were injured.

Center Horne is 27 years of age and is down with ankle and knee damage. Winger Hughes, at 23 years of age, will probably have to be out of circulation for eight weeks as he has suffered a knee injury and underwent surgery. The opening match for Scotland and Ireland would be held on 4th February. The head coach of the team is busy gathering up forces for the upcoming league games.

With the two players down with prominent injuries, the back forces need to be realigned for the team. Adam Ashe from the back row will probably step up and get into active training to take up additional responsibilities. Others like Richie Vernon, Greg Peterson, Scott Cummings and others are also looking at returning to the field early even though they are recovering from injuries as of now.

Indeed, with season end games on for these teams, it remains to be seen who would comprise the final line up of players. As many games are still on at club levels, the final line up for the RBS 6 Nations games is still undecided for most participating teams. The coaches have a tough time keeping the players safe and motivated till February when the league games begin at an international level.