Pacific nations all geared up to take part in end of season tournament. It will include New Zealand and Australia and there is a high possibility of hosting tests against Great Britain in the Lions Tour 2019. The RLIF in recent times has appointed the World Cup tournament director of 2017 Jeremy Edwards. He has been offered a new role which is of southern hemisphere general manager. Out of many tasks the prime one is to form a Pacific Championship so as to offer regular games for Fiji, Samoa, Papua New Guinea and Tonga. The decision is still on hold whether New Zealand and Australia would take part, but Pacific nations are showing interest to play after their victory in the World Cup.

The main role of Jeremy is to deliver the best plan for Asia Pacific and the main element of the planning is to go with a Pacific Championship as per John Grant, the chairman of RLIF. The RLIF has appointed many other people in the organization and Edwards and Danny Kazandijan are some of them to name a few. It was in the interests of clubs, players and NRL to take the game to an international level, which included broadcast outside New Zealand and Australia for Telstra Premiership. Grant feels that the main concern is the revenue and sustainability of the game for the long term. In the coming five years, they ought to think of strategies to drive revenues in 2022. The best way to do this is to strengthen the international rugby league with multiple games to play and they would play in Denver.

There is no doubt that New Zealand and Australia have done an excellent job to get player welfare regime in order. The players from Australia are disposed to even all odds out.