Rugby Sevens team’s two new girls have received a boost from Philippa Tuttiett who is a former Wales rugby international player.

Both the girls are from Milford Haven School and are excellent players of the rugby game.

Recently, at school Philippa delivered a session of rugby to pupils in years 7 to 11. The move was the part of the project Sky Sports ‘Living for Sport’.

Here the role of Philippa was athlete Mentor, and being in her role, she delivered sessions that were about focusing on rugby technique, and it was not only restricted to that. In the session, she also talked about life skills, including motivation and self-esteem.

Steve Martin, the WRU Hub Officer who set up the teams, shared some information about this project and said the objective of “Living for Sport” project is to increase interest in rugby game across all age groups children, and also to strengthen the two new teams.

He said, “The sessions of Philippa were a success, and were designed according to the needs of groups who were attending the sessions.”

“Here, the younger children learnt how to play the game rugby or improve their skills. On the other hand, the older students had different opportunity. They got the opportunity to work on life skills and deliver coaching sessions. The life skills mean teamwork and confidence-building.”

Over 1,500 Living for Sport projects are running in the Ireland and UK every year. And the objective of running this project all over the schools is to develop skills like leadership, dedication and teamwork, through sport.

The head-teacher of the school Rod Francis said: “We are really happy to be part of this program, and having Philippa here to demonstrate the things is really fantastic.  See how confidence can be built up in young children through sport, this project is the beautiful example of that.”