The England Rugby team has definitely picked up the pieces and played well this year. Hence, it might be happy coincidence that the England Rugby Club has been introduced to the fans. Here one can get goodies like pre sale tickets as well as discounts from a Rugby store that would be part of the club.

This club promises to be the new home for the supporters of the team. Indeed, it is one of the transformation initiatives of the customer relationship management department of the team.

The CRM platform ran research on what the past as well as present members of the supporters’ club want to enhance their association with the team. As a result of the research studies, it was found that, having an exclusive club premise for the members and supporters would add a feel good factor. The club will also make access to tickets easier as the ballot would not be required.

What’s more, games at Twickenham would be easier to watch. The club is all about depending on the engagement of the fan community with the club as well as offering them an improved experience digitally. The membership packages are formed accordingly. Those who share a passion for the sport as well as wish to support the national team would surely be welcome to join. There would be incentives to upgrade and get exclusive access to pre sale tickets and so forth.

Indeed, after the brilliant performance of the team this year, ending with their Test season being a brilliant win against Australia, England has definitely won the crown back for themselves in the area of rugby. At such a time, focusing on strengthening the association with supporters and giving them privileges is apt. The action is being taken at the right time.